A gentle exfoliating serum without making your skin sensitive. With the latest technology of Mandelic Acid 18% or AHA is a substance extracted from almonds. with a weak acidic effect high concentration It is also a large molecule that causes less irritation to the skin. Mandelic Acid 18% or AHA is responsible for exfoliating dead skin cells. Because the body has a cycle of old skin cells every 28 days to create new skin cells to replace. But as our age increases The ability and efficiency of the skin cells will be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to find a method to help accelerate skin cell turnover faster and more complete than usual. Otherwise it will cause skin problems. Why Mandelic Acid 18%? Because it has been clinically proven that at a concentration of 18% Mandelic Acid, it can penetrate up to 100% into the skin, thereby achieving the highest exfoliation efficiency. In addition, the concentration of 18% will not stimulate the skin too much and cause irritation. Then why AHA because AHA is an aid in enhancing collagen in the skin layer. moisturizing Reduce wrinkles, dark spots and acne breakouts Can be used by pregnant women Tribute to BHA, its main function is not to exfoliate the skin. but has a duty to clean and dissolve excess oil in the follicles It focuses on dissolving the fat under the skin.

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How to use Suitable for all skin types. Both normal, oily and combination skin should be used after cleansing the face. Use the right amount for some portions. or all over the face Avoid the eye area. and should be used only 2-3 times a week Only at night before bedtime for better skin turnover

Mandelic acid, extracted from bitter almonds, is gentle. and has the property of lipophilic multi-functional alpha-hydroxyl acid(AHA) because Mandelic acid is heavy More molecules are better absorbed. Glycolic acid (which has a lower molecular weight) is absorbed more slowly and does not affect the skin. causing the process of creating new skin cells without irritation

Mandelic acid key benefits

1. Control skin cell turnover Sort the cuticle by shedding dead cells. It also helps to speed up the process of creating new skin faster than before.

2. Restore dull skin Reduce dark spots and freckles control the work of tyrosinase (the main enzyme of melanogenesis) effectively to prevent and hinder the production of melanin and skin pigment

3. Tightens pores. Lipophilic properties help the product combine with the oil. On the face, it penetrates deeply into the lower epidermis. through the sebaceous glands Helps break down blackheads from clogging and forming new ones. It also helps tighten pores as well.

4. Treat acne inflammation Effectively reduce oil production also help kill Bacteria that cause acne inflammation

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