DR.WU Charity - WU CARE! Hands with Love

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DR.WU Charity - WU CARE! Hands with Love

Golden Bell นักแสดงนำชายยอดเยี่ยม แสดงความขอบคุณเป็นการส่วนตัว และขอความร่วมมือจากสาธารณชน ชุดของขวัญ Hand Care Gift Pack สำหรับบุคลากรทางการแพทย์

Dry hands, cracked skin and mask imprints are just some of the hallmarks of how brave medical workers have protected our safety. As the COVID-19 situation improves, we gradually You can return to your normal routine again. We're reminded of the stress that frontline healthcare workers face during this time. Frequent cleaning can leave their hands dry, rough, or even cracked. And the dampness from wearing the mask for a long time made their cheeks itchy. Leaves red marks and imprints behind. The level of discomfort they have to bear for the safety of people is simply impossible. DR.WU, Clinic's No. 1 skincare brand, thanks for the selfless dedication of healthcare professionals. The "Hands with Love" campaign has been launched in this year's WU CARE program. Simply write a thank you card with your message to the medical staff on the event's web page. Starting today, DR.WU will be hand-written on separate cards. and send them to the frontline health workers with "Hand Care Gift Packs". Join us and show their warmest and heartfelt concern.*

DR.WU  calls for public support! and write a personal message to thank the medical practitioners for their dedication.

As the COVID-19 situation improves, DR.WU will take this opportunity to thank medical personnel for their relentless fight against the disease. By alleviating the discomfort associated with wearing masks and gloves for extended periods of time, DR.WU President Eric Wu said: "To express our appreciation for the contributions of healthcare professionals, DR.WU invites everyone to join us. Show concern and blessings to those who keep us safe on the front lines. and show them to the end A heartfelt thanks to this year's WU CARE programme. We also urge everyone to keep disease control at home and to minimize travel and meetings."

DR.WU gives "Hand Care Gift Pack"! For gentle and invisible protection of hands and face.

To thank the health workers for their sacrifices, DR.WU will send free "Hand Care Gift Packs", each containing 10% Niacinamide + 1% Panthenol 15ML, Hyalucomplex Extreme Hydrating Hand Cream 40ML, and a handwritten card. Niacinamide 10% + Panthenol 1% contains high concentration of niacinamide and B5. To quickly moisturize the skin. and reduce the loss of moisture in the skin Additional hydration is highly effective in relieving itching, dryness and discomfort of the skin of the face after wearing a face mask for a long time. The solution also features a proprietary micro-penetration technology that creates a protective barrier on the skin to help combat external irritation. For the Hyalucomplex Extreme Hydrating Hand Cream, Hyalucomplex is based on a base and blends three vegetable oils: avocado oil, shea butter and olive oil for a rich, non-greasy texture. This cream not only nourishes and repairs dryness in the hands. It's also formulated with sea cumin extract and the antibacterial properties of Australian tea tree to block 99.9% bacteria for two hours**! A total skin relief gift set for healthcare professionals on the front lines in the fight against this disease.